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Get Fast, Effective Relief From Black Ants

Nothing ruins a busy day like black ants crawling around your home. Let the experts at Greenleaf Pest Control give you the fast, effective relief from black ants that you and your family deserve!

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We know how important it is to get rid of your pest issues fast. Call Greenleaf Pest Control before noon and we will treat your home that same day!

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Greenleaf Pest Control guarantees year-round pest control! If you have a problem between visits, we will return at no additional charge!

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At Greenleaf Pest Control, our highly-trained exterminators are prepared to provide the highest level of service, guaranteed!

Greenleaf quickly took care of all concerns. The price is good and the techs are nice and efficient... I would highly recommend Greenleaf!

Black Ant Control in Glendale AZ

When black ants take over your kitchen or bathroom, you want them gone as quickly as possible. While baits, traps, and DIY treatments may temporarily solve your black ant problems, it’s professional pest control that truly helps control and prevent black ants in your home. If you need service you can trust, turn to your neighbors here at Greenleaf Pest Control. With over 30 years in business, we know a thing or two about providing the best service possible to homeowners in our community. With our help, you can eliminate black ants in your home and get back to living comfortably!

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Effective Black Ant Control in Glendale

While black ants may be tiny, finding a trail of them on your kitchen counter or around your bathroom sink can ruin your peace of mind. Some of the more stubborn black ant infestations have nothing to do with how clean or dirty your home is, but others can be prevented by taking a few extra precautions to make your home unattractive to these pests. These include:

  • Keeping your food stored in tight-lidded containers--especially sweet and/or sticky foods
  • Cleaning up crumbs and wiping down tables and counters as messes occur
  • Fixing leaks around the home-- black ants are attracted to the moisture
  • Sealing entry points like cracks in baseboards with caulk and repairing holes in window screens. 
  • Keeping shrubs and tree limbs away from the sides of your home

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