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Pest Control in Glendale AZ

At Greenleaf Pest Control, we are a pest control company that is committed to delivering a quality experience. With us, it's ALL about the customer! We pride ourselves on delivering service that is second to none. We ensure that quality is...Learn More

Termite Control in Glendale AZ

Termites thrive in warm climates. As soon as the temperature rises above 60 degrees, termites begin to swarm and destroy everything in their path. Living in Arizona, we are very susceptible to termites due to our high temperatures year-...Learn More

Bed Bug Control in Glendale AZ

Bed bug control is a specialty treatment that requires experience and expertise. Here at Greenleaf Pest Control, our expert team is trained to eliminate your bed bug problem in one fell swoop. What does that mean for you? We promise to get...Learn More
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