Home Intensive Protection Program

A) Initial Service (Inside and Outside Service)

Pest_Control_Spray2 After a complete and thorough inspection of your home, existing and potential problem areas can be identified. These problems areas inside the home will be targeted to effectively eliminate current pests. Next, because most infestations originate outside of the home, the exterior perimeter and other identified target areas will be treated to eliminate current pests and prevent their entrance into your home.


B) Follow-up Regular Services (Outside Service)

Follow-up services are essential to the success of the Home Intensive Protection Program. With changing weather conditions throughout the year, different pests will present themselves around your home. To effectively continue and maintain protection against pest invasions, a protective exterior barrier will be applied to your home.




C) Guarantee

We guarantee to control pests in and around your home 12 months of the year. Should you encounter a pest problem between your scheduled visits, we will return at no additional charge. When you are on the Greenleaf Pest Control Home Protection Program, you’re covered, Guaranteed!

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