Have you seen scorpions in or around your home in Arizona? If so you are probably not surprised to learn that they are native to Arizona. Scorpions have been around for thousands and thousands of years. They have adapted over time to be a very efficient predator and because of this, they are hearty creatures and fairly difficult to exterminate.

An interesting thing about scorpions is that many can squeeze through openings a slim as the width of a credit card. This is the method that many scorpions use to gain entry to Arizona homes and businesses.

Scorpions eat other insects and do most of their hunting at night. Because they eat insects one of the best ways to reduce the number of scorpions on your property is to reduce the number of insects. This insect reduction can be done through our regular pest control service. Not only will our pesticides kill off the food source of the scorpions but the pesticide can also kill off the scorpions as well. In spite of pesticides killing off the scorpions, it is recommended that you attempt to get rid of them using the least obtrusive methods available. This means that first, you should try to seal up your home so that scorpions can’t get in.

Next, we recommend you remove any objects and vegetation at least a yard (3 feet) away from your home. Piles of clutter pushing up against your home, like piles of wood or sticks, are excellent hiding places for scorpions. After you have made these changes then we recommend the application of professional pesticides applied by Greenleaf Pest Control.

If you have seen scorpions in your yard or home and want professional help or advice in dealing with them then please give us a call at 623-399-9970 and we will gladly come out to your home and help you with this serious problem.