The old adage “A good offense is the best defense” couldn’t be more true when battling weeds. Weeds are the inevitable enemy and will take over your yard if nothing is done to stop them. One single weed can produce anywhere from 10,000 to over 100,000 seeds. With these odds, it’s easy to see how weeds can quickly take over your yard if left untreated. Avoid getting that annoying letter from the HOA and get your yard treated today.

We spray all your rock with:

1. PRE-EMERGENT: PREVENTS weeds from germinating so they don’t come up.

2. POST-EMERGENT: Kills all your weeds that are already up.

We warranty each weed service for SIX MONTHS!

To start weed service, either:

1. Call us today at 623-399-9970 or

2. Contact us via email at and let us know what day you’d like the weed service performed. (If we have yard access and there are no pets, we can treat without you being home)

We really appreciate your business!