Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Services

Does Greenleaf Pest Control offer a guarantee?

We have the best GUARANTEE in the industry. If you are unsatisfied with the results of your service or a problem remains, we will return free of charge at your request and keep working until you are satisfied or the problem is solved. Our weed control comes with a six-month warranty and our termite control comes with a one to five-year warranty! We want to be sure you are completely satisfied, so we will do what it takes.

Are the materials and products used harmful to my family and pets?

As technology advances, pesticides are becoming more environmentally friendly and less toxic. Greenleaf Pest Control uses family-friendly and environmentally friendly treatment methods and products. We ensure all employed service professionals are state-licensed and receive extensive training to be sure they use the products responsibly and in accordance with labeled directions. When used appropriately, the products used will have no impact on people, pets, or plants. In fact, the danger to your health and pets lies in not implementing an effective pest control program. Studies have shown direct links between cockroaches and asthma in children. Pets may also be at risk from common pests such as fleas and ticks. The safety of our customers, their families, and pets are our biggest concern.

If it rains, will outside treatment materials wash away?

Once a liquid residual product has dried following application, the solvents and emulsifiers evaporate leaving a durable residual that adheres to surfaces and is resistant to being washed away by rain.

Will I still see pests after my initial service? Why can’t you just come out once and get rid of all my pests?

Once pests are sighted, it may be an indication that the population has grown out of control. When one pest is seen, it is usually a clue that the infestation is large enough for pests to seek new nesting sites or food sources. The initial service is designed to flush out pests currently present in and around your home. The products used have the benefit of a long residual, meaning that the products will remain on the surfaces (invisible and odorless) where pests will continue to come in contact with them long after application.

The number of pests will greatly drop after the initial service and dead pests will be seen shortly after application demonstrating the effectiveness of the products, however; this process will continue for several weeks after the initial service as the pests continue to be flushed out. Of course, after the original infestation has been eliminated, pests will continue to enter your home in search of sources of food and water, and an occasional sighting may occur. This emphasizes the importance of regular follow-up services to maintain the exterior barrier and prevent entrance to your home.

General Pest Control Questions

How do I know if I have flying ants or termites?

Colonies of ants and termites both produce winged reproductives that fly out to start new colonies. The key way to distinguish winged ants and winged termites is by examining the wings. Termite swarmers have wings that are all the same size. Ants have hind wings that are much smaller than the front wings. Collect a few and have one of our certified applicators identify them when we come out to treat your home if you want to be sure.

What should I do if I can't seem to get rid of ants in my kitchen?

It is important to identify the ant involved before trying to control it. Some ant species can be controlled using ant baits, while others cannot. The key to success is following the ants back to their colony and treating the colony directly. Greenleaf Pest Control has the knowledge and products to effectively and properly provide this service.

How can I find out what kind of pest infestation it is and how to get rid of it?

You have come to the right place. Contact Greenleaf Pest Control for help in identifying your problem pest. Or, upon initiation of service, we will thoroughly inspect your home, identify the problem pest and give our recommendations for treatment and elimination.

Is there anything I can do to help prevent pests in my home?

After your home is inspected during your service, your service professional may provide you with recommendations for correcting conditions that may contribute to pest infestations. For example, your bushes may need to be trimmed away from the house. There may be cracks around the windows and doors that need to be sealed. Making these modifications will help prevent new infestations. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote!

What should I look for in choosing a pest control company?

There are a number of factors that may differentiate pest control companies from one another. Following are some general guidelines for choosing a pest control company:

- What services are offered?
- How are these services performed?
- What products are used?
- What types of guarantees are offered?
- Are the employees State Certified and highly trained?

When shopping around, it’s obvious how much companies differ. Don’t base your decision solely on price or name recognition. Talk with your neighbors and check with your state’s licensing board to ensure the companies you’re considering are properly licensed. If we can answer any questions to help you make the best decision for you and your family, please don’t hesitate to call.

Why should I hire a professional pest control company when I can do it myself?

Do-it-yourself pest control is certainly an option; however, most homeowners lack the knowledge and training that professionals have to treat pest problems effectively. An essential component in treating a pest problem effectively is correctly identifying the insect species and developing a course of treatment that takes the insect’s biology and habits into account. It is also critical that the treatment materials used are handled properly to ensure effective treatment. A professional pest control operator has the training and expertise to do these things, leading to the most effective solution to your pest problem.