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As part of our commitment to providing you with the best pest control in Waddell at the best price, we’re offering new customers 50% off their initial service.

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Same Day Service

We know how important it is to get rid of your pest issues fast. Call Greenleaf Pest Control before noon and we will treat your home that same day!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Greenleaf Pest Control guarantees year-round pest control! If you have a problem between visits, we will return at no additional charge!

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Trained Professionals

At Greenleaf Pest Control, our highly-trained exterminators are prepared to provide the highest level of service, guaranteed!

Every exterminator that services our home has been friendly and listens to our wants/needs. The lady who answers the calls for Greenleaf is super nice and helpful.

Pest Control in Waddell

Arizona is home to a lot of creepy-crawly insects, which makes finding bugs in your home an inevitability. Whether your home has the occasional pest sighting or a full-blown infestation, Greenleaf Pest Control offers quality pest control in Waddell to help you achieve long-term relief from a variety of pests - guaranteed!

Protect Your Family From a Variety of Pests

The easiest way to maintain a pest-free home is to keep pests from ever coming inside. We are proud to utilize an effective pest control plan that is designed to eliminate existing bugs while also preventing new ones from entering. Our Waddell pest control services include high-quality proactive and reactive protection from a variety of threats including:

  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Roaches
  • Scorpions
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • And more!

Customized Treatments To Give You Fast Relief

The best way to eliminate household pests quickly and effectively is to tackle the source of the problem. That’s why all of our Waddell pest control services start with a thorough home inspection, to identify entry points and uncover the root of your pest problem. After getting a better idea of what they are up against, our service professionals will recommend a customized course of action to get rid of pests for good. For long-term relief you can count on, Greenleaf Pest Control is the way to go. 

Save 50% On Your Initial Treatment

Greenleaf is now offering our new customers 50% off their first service with us when you sign up for a year-long agreement. Our other great Waddell pest control coupons have more ways to get great pest control at a great price. 

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Bed Bug Treatments in Waddell

Bed bugs are tricky pests to fully eliminate. This means getting professional help the first go-around is a critical step in achieving total elimination. Here at Greenleaf Pest Control, our service professionals have the training and expertise to not only eliminate your bed bugs completely but also get it done in just one visit!

Chemical-Free Treatments

When you partner with us for fast and effective Waddell bed bug treatments, you can expect:

  • Full house treatments - Despite their name, bed bugs aren't limited to the bedroom. That’s why we utilize full house treatments to eliminate these pests from every room in your house.
  • Comprehensive elimination - Getting rid of adult bed bugs is a temporary solution to a recurring problem, so we make sure to eliminate bed bugs in all stages of life. By eliminating hard-to-spot nymphs and eggs, you can be sure you’ll be sleeping peacefully for good!
  • Family and pet safe heat treatments - Chemicals are one option for treating bed bugs, but they can pose a risk to the other creatures in your home too, including your pets and children. Instead of exposing your loved ones to this unnecessary risk, we utilize heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs in a low-risk and effective manner.

Termite Treatments in Waddell

Termites prefer warm climates, making Waddell the perfect place for these wood-destroying insects to thrive. This makes finding a company you can trust for quality termite treatments in Waddell a critical step in protecting your home from costly damage. As a locally owned and operated pest control company, Greenleaf Pest Control offers the local expertise you need to protect your biggest investment from hungry termite invaders.

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Family-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Treatments

Our high-quality Waddell termite treatments include:

  • A thorough home inspection - Termites can be hard to spot, which makes a thorough understanding of an infestation’s subtle warning signs the key to early detection. Our service professionals have the knowledge and experience to detect the presence of termites before they are able to cause extensive damage.
  • Preventative and reactive treatment options - Whether you suspect termites may be lingering beneath your home or you have uncovered a full-blown infestation, Greenleaf Pest Control has got you covered! We offer both preventative and reactive service options to tackle your termite problem, or prevent you from ever having them in the first place!
  • Family-friendly treatment techniques - Our Waddell termite treatments are always safe for use around children and pets.
  • Guaranteed warranties - We stand by our work, so we are proud to offer one-five year warranties to back up our exceptional services. If you're not 100% satisfied with our service, we will come back and do whatever it takes to make it right! 

Scorpion Control in Waddell, Az

While finding pests of any variety in your home can be unsettling, scorpions add an element of danger, making their quick and safe removal even more important. Our service professionals are trained to remove Arizona bark scorpions, giant hairy scorpions, yellow ground scorpions, and more from within and around your home.

Same-Day Service Available

Our Waddell scorpion control services also take protecting your home and family one step further, using preventative measures to seal out scorpions and prevent future invasions. If you spot a scorpion in your home, let Greenleaf Pest Control take care of it. With our same-day service options, we are the clear choice for fast and effective scorpion removal in Waddell!

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Weed Control in Waddell, Az

Due to the seasonal rainfall in Waddell, weeds taking over your lawn seem like a constant battle that can never be won. However, the service professionals at Greenleaf Pest Control have the local expertise and professional training to win the fight against your unsightly weeds for good! Our long-lasting Waddell weed control services include:

  • Pre-emergent treatments - We utilize treatments to attack weeds before they have a chance to germinate, stopping their growth in its tracks so they never appear in the first place.
  • Post-emergent treatments - If your lawn is in need of some professional help to tackle its toughest weeds, Greenleaf Pest Control’s post-emergent treatments are up to the job! Our power-sprayers are a fast and effective way to destroy weeds in no time.
  • A six-month warranty guarantee - We know our proactive and reactive treatments effectively target both current and future weeds, so we offer a 6-month warranty to promise that if weeds do pop up, we’ll come back and retreat for free! 

Save 20% Today

Have you dreamed of spending less time working in your yard and more time enjoying it with your family? Then you need to call Greenleaf. Our effective weed control methods in Waddell can have you out enjoying the Arizona sunshine and all that Waddell has to offer quickly. The best part? When you sign up for our weed control today, you can save 20% on your initial service. Check out our special offers for more information and other ways you can save. 

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